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 Booted from New York two years prior (long story) Maynard “the Cowboy” brought his cowpunk brand back to New York where he met Bronx born wallflower “Cupid”, her passion was to apply her Social Work degree into an album thereby helping more people.   Maynard  vowed to expose her lovely music to the world and add his tunes too. Thus, the misfit duo Cupid and the Cowboy was formed.

   Bette Midler says “Cupid’s got a beautiful voice.” Zest Radio Show adds “omg goosebumps”. Rock n Roll Johnny shouts, “they’re a great act”.  from Cupid’s twee RnB to Maynard’s cowpunk they evoke elements of Swift or Rodrigo to The Cramps or Lou Reed.  

Watch for their new single Rump Shakin Cowboy OUT NOW!!!

And please enjoy our gallery of recorded songs with liner notes and original artwork below! We love sharing our songs with all our friends. 

Our newest song is out now!!! It sure is a hot cowboy summer!

This song is an 8 minute, slow-grindin’, barn-burnin’, soul-takin’ slow ride…

Cupid wrote this song during the pandemic, meant to inspire us all to get back out the house and live again.

This tune is one of our favorites, describing a wanton relationship from the point of view of an alley kat’s admirer

This song sheds lights on the wife of Job who is basically ignored in the bible story of the same name.

We wrote this song for a rockabilly contest, and it came out Americana. One of Maynard’s favorites! A what-if song.

Yes, this song is about a stripper, who he encountered upon his first trip back to the strip club after his divorce.

Maynard (“the Cowboy”) wrote this song during his time living alone in Reno, Nevada.

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